The old tree

The amusement park at dusk

Bewdley in clouds

Bewdley as seen from Telford's Bridge

At the harbour

Youngsters admiring the sun

African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) or Black-footed penguins are confined to southern African waters. Also called Jackass penguins due to the similar sound they produce.

Frog hide and seek

Hiding from the sun in the shed cupboard

Abalone pearl

Seaweed art

on a Scottish beach

Triptych The Unfortunate Frog

Found it in my garden....there is beauty in everything.

Rest in peace

Statue on a young childs grave


Windmill detail

Green orchids


Well locked

Florence, the lions and the doves

Fun in Florence

Skulls and bones

Gathering the sheep


Woolacombe beach

Sand art



Peeping Tom

Circus Belly trucks

Schoonselhof cemetery

Photo Breda event

White hortensia bush

Ferns in the wind

Cleaning my window ...(Lymantria dispar)

Taken from inside my house through double glass...Window was not very clean and it was raining also! But the moth was luckely sitting there very quiet

Cedar bark

I planted this cedar in 1979 in our garden , only a thumb thick it was. Now it is towering over the roof of the house, standing proud and beautiful.

Kitchen nightmare

On Severn bank

View towards The Tontine

View from the canal basins towards The Tontine building, a Georgian former hotel . Grade 2* listed building.